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Nonsurgical Spinal Decompression – Celebration-Worthy Nonsurgical Lower Back Pain Treatment Option

4 January 2021

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If you suffer lower back pain, for your own quality of life improvement, strongly consider nonsurgical spinal decompression treatment offered right here in Howell. This procedure applies distraction forces to the spinal cord in order to create a vacuum inside the targeted discs, providing safe and effective treatment for injuries and congenital conditions alike.

There are a number of benefits of spinal decompression, particularly the relief of chronic lower back pain that extends down the leg and which can severely hinder movement. Because the cycles of decompression and partial relaxation of the discs promote the diffusion of water and oxygen, as well as other nutrient-rich fluids, to flow from outside the discs to the inside, the torn or degenerated disc fibers can begin to heal through a series of visits.

Medical doctors across America refer their patients to chiropractors for nonsurgical spinal decompression therapy to treat bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, posterior facet syndromes, herniated discs, diseased spinal nerve roots, pinched nerves, and radiating arm pain. Proper patient screening is accomplished right here at Monmouth Associated Spine & Rehabilitation Center. Together we’ll develop a non-surgical and drug-free treatment plan that perfectly aligns with your condition, wants, and needs. Our patients enjoy high levels of success with this therapy.